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About Us

Diplomatic Services is the leading service provider for the diplomatic community in New York. With several years of experience we have been able to develop the best alternatives for diplomats traveling or residing in this dynamic city. We are friendly individuals determined to save you valuable time and resources, thus making your stay in New York more productive and enjoyable.

Short History of Diplomatic Services

Diplomatic Services opened its doors under the name of Wireless Communications for the Diplomatic Community (WCDC) in 2004. In time, we discovered additional ways to assist the diplomatic community and thus effortlessly evolved, from a wireless communications supplier into a provider of a wide range of top quality services, honoring our values of integrity, openness, and respect.

A World of Options

Diplomatic Services has set out to provide individual consulting to each Mission, NPO, and delegation affiliated with the United Nations, free of charge.

Our initial interview is the first step to establish an understanding of your current situation, needs, and goals. This step will be the springboard to your custom tailored business services.

Our upper management echelon understands that individual account based attention assures perfect-fit solutions. Regardless of our recommendations, your choices are concrete and plentiful. Short term, long term and no-contract options are available. If we add even one powerful ingredient to your arsenal, we have done our job!

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